Thursday, June 2, 2011

Search Engines with Incentives?!?

You best believe it! Do you use google on a daily, even hourly basis? I'm sure 90% of you do, and if not google - than yahoo. I have discovered something WAY better. Search and WIN sites! I couldn't choose a favorite so I'll do a top 3 for everyone.
In no particular order the 3 are - Irazoo, Swagbucks, and Zoombucks.

Now, I would get into detail about how to win, what are the tricks and tips, and all that other stuff... BUT.. It really is as SIMPLE as it sounds - you SEARCH..and WIN! The only real tip I would give is to put your favorite as your homepage. That way when you sign on the internet to go to your favorite sites you can search right away for a chance to win!! Personally Irazoo is the one I chose as my homepage because they allow you to win numerous times a day- and you can litterally search over and over until you win (unlike Zoombucks and Swagbucks ) But, I also know alot of people who prefer either of the other two. Whatever your personal preference is!

Once you win on any of the three sites - go to claim prizes, or the store on the site - and redeem for any gift card you'd like. Personally I'd go with the Amazon cards... has EVERYTHING you can think of - New and Used - and usually for a great deal! There are many other prizes and cards to choose from though. Depending on which site they will email you a code within 7-10 business days although sometimes it does take a little longer than they say it will - but for just searching it is worth the wait!!!!

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