Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My New Obsession : LISTIA!

I'm sure you have heard of the bid sites where you " win items for cheap " such as Bidrodeo .. BUT they will get you for your money 99% of the time - unless you are very smart with numbers. You have to pay for those bids *which they keep even if you lose!* what a RIP OFF!!! Some lucky few do walk away with a kindle, or an Ipad.. but the rest.. were just cheated. big time. Not the biggest fan of Bidrodeo.. maybe because I happen to be one of the suckers who fell for their tricks.

So what does this have to do with anything? WELL, I found a FREE bid site call Listia.com where anybody can list any auction *FREE!* no hassles, no fees, nothing dealing with cash *unless you decide to charge shipping- your choice* . On Listia.com you get credits to spend on other listings. I have seen auctions for amazon cards, xbox's, kindles.. all sorts of stuff - ALL FREE with enough credits! It may take a little while to earn them - but if you have the right stuff to auction, or enough referrals you will have a kindle in no time! BEST PART - IF YOU LOSE YOU KEEP YOUR CREDITS!!! WHEW! My vote is for Listia.

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