Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Earn money online WITHOUT spending money!

is it really possible?? YES!!! it really is! there are a variety of websites out there that get paid to show you ads,offers and surveys - and guess what!- they are willing to pass along the profit to YOU! these sites are called GPT sites -Get Paid To- and they are taking over the online money making business! Some people even make thousands a month by doing these sites! its AMAZING how easy it is!

First let me give you the list of ALL the ones that i have been paid for and a short description of each one :)

Get Paid to Complete offers (free, don't you worry!)

Cashcrate - this one is my favorite and the one with the most earning potential (in my opinion) i make at least 300 a month with just cashcrate alone. Cashcrate is a site that pays you for completing offers... sounds scary, sounds like you need to pay?... i thought so too, but in all reality they are paying you to say NO to a bunch of companies! all you have to do is get to the end of these offers, and you get paid!! crazy huh!? well, since these companies pay cashcrate SO much to have their ads viewed cashcrate wants as many users as possible, more users = more money, SO, they have a referral program!!! Not only will you get paid for viewing offers you will get 20% of what your referrals make!!! AND THATS NOT ALL!! you get another 10% of what THEIR referrals make!! im not done yet- you get an extra 3 dollars for every referral that gets to ten dollars!! the earning potential is GREAT with cashcrate !!


you should try both out!

Get Paid To SEARCH

Swagbucks - this site is the simple. all you do is search and you win "swag bucks" to spend on prizes. you can make a swagbucks toolbar and just search randomly as you would on google or yahoo... you wont even know its there! You can will SO many cool prizes! and you get 100% of what your refferals get!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tips on Getting More Refs!

Do you like the sites ive showed you in my earlier post? Are you ready to make some REAL money on them!? then you NEED REFERRALS! There are a LOT of sites that will help you in getting refs such as GetRef BUT those take a lot of time! First what you need to do is create a blog or website explaining the site that you are interested in gaining referrals for. I would try referring to sites that pay you a good percentage of what your referrals make. One site that pays you a lot for referrals is Cashcrate for example.

Traffic Exchanges
After you make you site you want to join sites that let you surf for credits. The credits will be used to gain views from other people who may be interested in signing up. All you do to get these credits is simply look at other members sites or blogs. VERY EASY!! The BEST ones i have found so far are
Machine Hits

Social Networking
Another way i have begun to get more refs is by joining social communties. You have to be VERY careful how you advertise on these site though. It could be considered SPAM and you do not want to spam! That is against all rules on every site! What you could do is become an active member in these communities and get involved in group forums/message boards. Get to know these people and tell them about your website. Most sites its okay to post a link to your blog but NOT a direct referral link.
Some of the top social networks include Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Moodmill, Uterli,